Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Treat Myself

What a great week so far, I have been given a promotion at to Deputy Manager. I am so excited but with this role means I have lots more responsibility. So I thought that I would treat myself to something pretty and small, I am thinking about buying a nice ring. I was reading “Zoella” blog and I noticed that she had brought a bracelet which is so pretty from ESTY is a boutique website where small business can sell their handmade designs, and some designs can be personalized. Esty designers sell jewellery, vintage items or gift items for women, men and children. The website in based in America so all the prices are in dollars but there is an option where it can be changed in to English Pounds.

I found a lovely designer called Simply Wearable who have a lovely selection of jewellery. I found a lovely stacking ring where you can choose between, pearl, embossed or half round wires and then you can pick a Cabochon stone to have set in to the ring.

I have also looked at some other designers jewellery and I thought what a lovely Mother Day present they would make, remember to put it in your diary 10th March 2013. I cannot write what I am thinking of buying, as she might read my blog J but as soon as I receive the items I will blog a review about the quality of the item, service, the amount of time it took to be delivered and the way it was delivered.
Thank you for reading please feel free to leave a comment about what you are doing for mother day or if you have ever brought anything from ESTY.

Vickster xx


  1. Have to say I am a real Etsy fan and have been treated to items and bought items from Etsy on several occassions and I actually have an Etsy shop myself for some of my photographic work.

    I bought myself some cool stuff for my kitchen from an Etsy shop recently, and the Christmas before last I bought some prints for Abi from an Artist in LA who I have not networked with via LinkedIn

    1. Cool What is your Shop called?
      There are some amazing things, i wanted to buy all the jewelery. :)

      Vickster x

  2. First of all, congratulations on the promotion! I hope you find yourself a well deserved treat and something lovely for your Mum. Etsy do some beautiful things.


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