Friday, 15 February 2013


Hello I'm Vicky and this is my first ever blog. So what do I talk about? Well I thought I would introduce myself and tell you a little about what I’m in to, things I think and dislike and just take it from there. So here goes....

I’m Vicky/ Vickster, as my husband calls me. I'm 24 and I live in Newcastle-under-Lyme with my husband. I have been married for 2 years. I have no children yet, but I would like some in the near future. I am a Nursery Nurse and I look after some amazing children. I have been a nursery nurse for 9 years now and I Love it.

In my spare time, well when I get some I enjoy shopping, making handmade cards and photography. I enjoy shopping at the Trafford Centre in Manchester and my favourite shops are New Look, Top Shop and I love Henry Holland collection in Debenhams. I would say that my fashion style is classy with a vintage touch. My icon is Audrey Hepburn; she was a stunning lady who had class and lots of charisma.

I am also a camper; I love the outdoors being in the fresh air, just sitting in our tent with a good book watching the world pass me by. Me and my husband have travelled all round the south of England, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. We are hopefully going to go on holiday somewhere in Scotland next year. Our dream one day is to own a camper van, which we are shaving very hard for at the moment but fingers crossed one day we will have one.

Things I like about myself, this is always a hard question, well I like my hair and my eyes. What I dislike about myself is my feet they are long but thin so to get shoes to fit me correctly are hard to find.

Well if you have any questions just give me an e-mail and I will try and answer them. Thank you for reading my blog and hope you have enjoyed it.

Vickster xx


  1. Hey Vicky

    Great first post, and welcome to the world of blogging!
    I look forward to reading more

    Lou :-)

  2. Stopping by as a friend of Lou. Congrats on your first post.

  3. Hi Vicky - popping over from Lou's place to say hello. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

    I'm a huge Audrey fan too, what an icon! SD and I love to camp, when you get your camper check out the shows, there are plenty around the Devon and Cornwall area (and further afield too I'm sure), its a great way to meet fellow enthusiats, make friends and listen to good music.

    Maybe we will see you there sometime :)

    1. Thank you Sarah for reading my first blog and commenting. I will have to look out for the shows. fingers crossed we will get one :)

      Vickster x

  4. Lovely post:) Iv just joined the blog society too and mine isn't near as good as this!


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